My Passion calls so strongly and at the same time also asks to check with possibilities, whether I need to rush, or not, what is my own mind and body saying to me?

Wait wait wait, your time has, yet to come!! and it will come soon!! Keep up the good work as you are already doing with, your connections are amazing, enjoy with what you have with your TALENTS and EXPERIENCES and RESOURCES………


Enriched Experiences…1.

Today is the day of experiencing fear.. when watching participants.. coming forward and showing talents in them. They are amazing and wonderfully showing that they are best contenders. They can beat people and who show they have a lot of qualities facing unknowing place, people, presentations, new topics, new expectations, When new substance arrives, some strange thread of dread runs through the whole body;  the fear of anticipation of acceptance from other members of the group peeps in; the fear of proving a good decision of the people who selected, takes place; Actually taking charge is the only answer, Actually challenging the challenge is the only answer, Embracing the fear is the only answer.